• 1 Badeel dates syrup

    Dates syrup is a natural alternative to synthetic sugar and GMO sweeteners. It’s naturally packed with a lot of phytonutrients that differentiates it from honey as sweetener. It’s consumable and infact it’s a therapeutic beverage for all ages including infants. It’s great as infant cereal fortifier, chocolate beverage, sweetener to pastries, fruit spread to salad and sandwiches, seasonings e.t.c
    It’s Yummy, You will definitely love it!!!


    1 Badeel dates syrup

  • 1 Bottle of Badeel dates powder

    1. Badeel dates fruits powder is 💯 dehydrated and pulverized date. It provides a reliable and natural alternative to beverages with synthetic additives. it can be perfectly enjoyed as chocolate drink, sweetener, infant cereal fortifier, seasonings to prepare dishes e.tc. It’s yummy, it’s natural, it’s an healthy beverage option
  • Neck massage pillow

    • Soft Plush form for comfort
    • Gently Massages Your Neck and Shoulders With The Touch Of A Button
    • Neck Contouring Microbead Filled Pillow For Maximum Comfort And Support
    • Perfect For Home Or Travel
    • Uses 2 AA Batteries
    • U-shaped pillow stays in place while you sleep.
    • Travel Neck Pillow is specifically designed in such a way that it has just the right softness to provide the most comfortable support for your neck.
    • Built in elastic strap makes it easy to attach to a carry on luggage without taking up extra space.
    • Excellent pillow for neck pain relief due to its raised side support and flat back cushion

    Enjoy state of the art relaxation
    Features a programmable control with 3 different programs and a moving dual massage mechanism

  • STC – 30

    Improves health.
    Helps repair and regenerate.
    Rejuvenates and activates body to raise energy and improve vitality
    Regulates pH level in the body.
    It’s an anti oxidant.
    Improves blood circulation.
    Improves body immune system.
    Refines skin texture and improve complexion.
    Relays aging process.
    Helps for better heart health.
    Helps with digestive upset.
    Improves mental function.
    Helps promote urinary tract health.
    Preserves vision.
    Boosts brain health.
    Aids in constipation and digestion.

    STC – 30


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